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The bathtub takes up the most space and is the biggest component of your bathroom. When it comes time to replace your old tub, give our Indianapolis bathtub installation and remodeling experts at Steg Plumbing a call. We have honors from Home Artisans of Indiana, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis. We’re confident we can satisfy your remodeling needs.

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Creating a Functional & Beautiful Space

The main focal point of your bathroom is the tub. It is the largest fixture in the room, and everyone sees it when they come in. You, of course, want it to look its best.

Characteristics you may be looking for in a bathtub are:

  • It’s functional
  • It has ease-of-use
  • The surround is waterproof
  • It matches the bathroom theme
  • It is attractive

The first step is to find a bathtub that does what you need it to do. You may just be looking for a simple tub/shower combination and are not really concerned with the volume the tub will hold or how long and deep it is. You may want a jacuzzi tub, complete with jets and a longer basin so you can stretch out and relax in it. Once you’ve found that, you need to evaluate the ease-of-use. If you have an older parent using the tub, you probably don’t want a bathtub with high sides your parent may have to step over. You may need a walk-in tub instead. Other considerations are if the tub matches the bathroom and is it attractive. You will look at this bathtub every day you live in the home. Are you satisfied with how it looks? Do the fixtures match the sink fixtures? Does everything mesh together well?

Proper installation of your bathtub is crucial. If the surround, grout, and tile are not all waterproofed then mold and mildew can grow and possibly cause your family to fall ill. Our plumbers in Indianapolis can handle all aspects for you.

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Our Indianapolis plumber can help with your bathtub installation and remodeling contractors can help you with every step of remodeling your tub. We have over 24 years of experience, and our professional technicians have been trained to install new bathtubs with the highest excellence to ensure customer satisfaction.

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