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Nothing is more inconvenient than a clogged drain—putting your sink or toilet out of commission. You may not be able to use the bathroom, prepare a meal or clean dishes in the kitchen for quite some time depending on how severe the drainage issue is. Our drain cleaning and drain repair professionals can take care of this problem for you quickly and efficiently. At Steg Plumbing our goal is to get your household up and running again as soon as possible.

Contact us 24/7 at 317-286-6747 if your drain is broken or clogged. Offering reliable drain cleaning in Clermont, Brownsburg, Speedway, and the surrounding area.


Believe it or not, there are more than just kitchen sink drains and toilet drains in your home that can get clogged. Let our drain cleaning technicians help!

The different types of drains that may be in your home include:

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Kitchen drains

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Bath & shower drains

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Water & sewer lines

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Storm drains

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Floor drains in the utility room, basement, garage, or outdoors

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Floor drains in the utility room, basement, garage, or outdoors


A common cause of clogged drains is hard deposits in the pipes. Hard deposits are resistant to chemical drain products and can only be cleared by a plumber. Other common reasons a drain pipe may be blocked is hard residue, grease, and hair. These items prevent water from draining properly and create pools of stagnant water in your plumbing. This is not only unhealthy for your family, but a major inconvenience.

Your first instinct may be to purchase a liquid drain cleaner and pour it down the clogged drain—stay away from these!

Liquid drain cleaners are unsafe and can cause damage to you, clothing, pipes, toilets and fixtures. Instead, call a licensed plumber in Central Indiana to come take care of the clog for you. A clogged drain should not be a DIY project, and this is why our drain cleaning experts have Piper, the wrench who can repair what you tried to fix!

Plumber working on a toilet


There are several DIY home projects homeowners can easily do, but toilet repair and installation is not one that is recommended. It can be very tricky and has the potential for things to go wrong. Oftentimes there will be additional plumbing work or repair that is needed, so it would be best to check in with a local plumber first to ensure a well functioning toilet for your home.


The last thing to go down the drain is rarely what causes the clog. Homes over 25 years old tend to be more prone to blockages, and they are also the ones at the most risk for damage when the blockage is removed. Drain snakes, often used by homeowners to fix a blockage, can cause the most damage to old pipes, as the pipes aren’t as sturdy as they once were. As a matter of fact, a drain snake won’t fix the clog, it will only puncture a hole through the clog. This hole allows liquid to flow again, but the larger problem will still be present. Eventually, the clog reforms and the process is repeated.

There are more advanced and efficient ways to remove a clog from a pipe than with a drain snake.

Power-rodding uses cutting blades that are sized to the interior of the pipe and are rotated by an electric motor. This tool uses the sharp blades to shred whatever sludge and debris are in the pipe to small bits. The debris can then be washed through the pipe and into the septic system while cleaning the inside of the pipe at the same time.

Call Today for Plumbing. Done Right. Guaranteed!

When you have a clogged drain pipe, don’t go it alone! Call our professional plumbers at Steg Plumbing. Our drain cleaning specialists have over 30 years of experience behind us—we have seen it all! Our team has the tools, skill, and resources to resolve drain clogs any time, day or night!

Call for our emergency services or to get an estimate on your drain cleaning in Clermont, Westfield, Fishers, and the surrounding areas at 317-286-6747.

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