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Sump Pumps & Back-up Systems in Indianapolis

Did You Experience Flooding from the Last Storm?

When you’re dealing with the fallout from a major storm, you may have to handle a flooded basement. When the power goes out, so does your sump pump, leaving your home vulnerable to rising flood water from the weather. Be sure to have a backup plan! Our Indianapolis plumber can help you design and implement a strategy to keep your home dry. Contact Steg Plumbing at (317) 456-2066 to discuss your options before the big one hits!

Back-Up Sump Pump Options

The power usually goes out during particularly nasty storms. Unless you have a backup system in place, your sump pump will stop pumping the water away from your basement. This is unacceptable and creates unnecessary stress for your family. This issue could be solved with some forethought.

There are a few types of backup systems available for your sump pump:

  • Backup generator
  • Backup sump pump (battery powered)
  • Backup sump pump (water operated)

Getting a backup generator just to run your sump pump may seem like overkill, but a backup generator can be used to simultaneously power other key components of the house, like the furnace and refrigerator/freezer. In an area where the power could potentially go out at any time due to the weather, a backup generator is not a bad idea. Backup generators come in many different capacities to fit your needs and budget.

Battery vs. Water Powered Sump Pumps

A battery-powered backup sump pump will automatically turn on when it senses that the main pump has shut down and will run even if your household water has been turned off. It uses batteries to power the motor and sucks the water away. These come in different battery sizes to compensate for the capacity it will be pumping. However, these sump pumps do have an expiration time. The batteries won’t run forever. Typically, they last 24-48 hours. You can add more backup batteries for longer operating times. Our plumbers in Indianapolis can advise you on the size battery back-up sump pump you need.

Water powered backup sump pumps are another option. These run solely on the pressure from your household water. There is no battery required, and it will run through a power outage without problems. The only hitch with these pumps is that your water needs to be on for the sump pump to work. If for some reason your city water is turned off, this sump pump will not run.

Our Indy Plumbers Can Help You Plan for Next Time

No one wants to clean up a flooded basement. The best thing to do is have a plan in place just in case a storm or other disaster hits and water begins to fill your lower level. Our plumbing service in Indianapolis can guide you as to which backup sump pump would suit your needs best. We have over 24 years of experience handling flooded basements and sump pumps. Give Steg Plumbing a call at (317) 456-2066 so you can be prepared for what Mother Nature’s got in store for us next. If you need 24/7 emergency plumbing services, please call. Steg Plumbing, plumbing. Done right.

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