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Wes G. Avatar
Wes G.
4/13/2024 - Google
I work for a large residential general contractor and we trust Steg with our service work. They are reliable, trustworthy,... read more
William E. Avatar
William E.
4/10/2024 - Google
Alex from Steg Plumbing in Indy replaced our sump pump. He was on time and very polite. Our pump... read more
Jim W. Avatar
Jim W.
4/03/2024 - Google
Steg plumbed a new bathroom addition for us. They we're courteous, professional and did a great job. When we did... read more
Pat b. Avatar
Pat b.
4/03/2024 - Google
Today we had great service from Ryan. He arrived promptly. Was very courteous and explained what he going... read more
Donna B. Avatar
Donna B.
3/27/2024 - Google
Skylar with Steg Plumbing assisted us with identifying a water leak outside of our home. Skylar was extremely helpful as... read more
David H. Avatar
David H.
3/09/2024 - Google
Ryan is great to work with. We had a weird issue with our bathroom sink stoppers. He came up with... read more
Lisa C. Avatar
Lisa C.
3/09/2024 - Google
Both plumbers were very professional and efficiently changed out our hot water heater. Cleaned up their mess when finished.
Rohit K. Avatar
Rohit K.
3/09/2024 - Google
I wanted to take a moment and say thanks to Ryan for the great work. We really appreciate all the... read more
Sarah H. Avatar
Sarah H.
3/08/2024 - Google
Ryan was very helpful. Assessed the issues and gave very clear next steps. Thank you!
Mona H. Avatar
Mona H.
3/08/2024 - Google
Eric and Jacob were great!! I always call Steg for all my plumbing needs. They treat me fairly.
alex j. Avatar
alex j.
3/07/2024 - Google
Ryan & Sida were very professional and respectful of our home. They did a thorough job and made sure to... read more
Deborah C. Avatar
Deborah C.
3/06/2024 - Google
Jacob and Eric were very professional and efficient. They arrived timely and went right to work. Steg Plumbing is my... read more
Jo G. Avatar
Jo G.
3/05/2024 - Google
I heartily recommend Steg Plumbing. Skylar and Drew worked on my home's clogged pipes after the water softener failed sending... read more
emilee h. Avatar
emilee h.
3/05/2024 - Google
Ryan Cheek was amazing ! Helped fixed whatever leak we had & so very knowledgeable!
Matthew G. Avatar
Matthew G.
3/05/2024 - Google
Ryan was very courteous and did a great job fixing a leaky shower wall. Thank you!
Jeffrey L. Avatar
Jeffrey L.
3/05/2024 - Google
Ryan did an excellent fixing a very challenging problem. He was on time, professional, very knowledgeable, and friendly. Great job... read more
Diane A. Avatar
Diane A.
2/27/2024 - Google
We had a shower leak in our upstairs bathroom that had caused part of our kitchen ceiling to collapse. Steg... read more
Susan A. Avatar
Susan A.
2/27/2024 - Google
Ryan did an exceptional job at installing my garbage disposal & kitchen faucet! Very tidy, efficient, and personable. ... read more
Leondra G. Avatar
Leondra G.
2/27/2024 - Google
Ryan came to our home to assess a plumbing issue and be was very kind and knowledgeable. He is a... read more
Christopher G. Avatar
Christopher G.
2/27/2024 - Google
Ryan was professional, careful, and informative! Would recommend.
Chris S. Avatar
Chris S.
2/27/2024 - Google
Ryan was very professional and efficient. There were a few items from when the house got built that needed addressed.... read more
Molly W. Avatar
Molly W.
2/27/2024 - Google
Ryan was very fast and professional! Great service.
Aimee Y. Avatar
Aimee Y.
2/20/2024 - Google
Ryan was helpful and willing to explain things to me. Very friendly.
K. L. Avatar
K. L.
2/20/2024 - Google
Steq plumbing has been looking after my plumbing for a year now. Just recently they drained my water heater and... read more
Sie P. Avatar
Sie P.
2/20/2024 - Google
Ryan was on time, polite, and a great professional. Did his job quickly and kept everything clean. Thanx Ryan from... read more
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John O. Avatar
John O.
2/20/2024 - Google
Eric and Ryan were outstanding. They solved my problem with enthusiasm and creativity. They were quick, respectful and cleaned up... read more
george s. Avatar
george s.
2/13/2024 - Google
I can’t say enough great things about Megan at the home office and Sida the tech that came to my... read more
Joe R. Avatar
Joe R.
2/13/2024 - Google
Ryan did an excellent job fixing my tub faucet. He was courteous and pleasant and worked quickly. Appreciate... read more
Francia S. Avatar
Francia S.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan was wonderful, cheerful and it was not awkward to have him fixing our sinks. It’s usually anxiety inducing to... read more
Eva S. Avatar
Eva S.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan was great! He fixed my plumbing issues in my bathroom quick and easy.
Jennifer D. Avatar
Jennifer D.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan was great! Got the job done in record time!
Max E. Avatar
Max E.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan was very helpful and professional. Thanks!
Gabe F. Avatar
Gabe F.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan did a good job.
Katie C. Avatar
Katie C.
2/12/2024 - Google
Ryan helped us out while he was on call. While I am sure he was not happy to have his... read more
CJ D. Avatar
2/12/2024 - Google
Joe Perkins was absolutely incredible from start to finish! I really appreciate his willingness to take the time to... read more
Vince S. Avatar
Vince S.
1/15/2024 - Google
Ryan was great, today. Under the maintenance contract, he came in, tightened up multiple toilets, our Garbage disposal, and drained... read more
Jamie G. Avatar
Jamie G.
1/14/2024 - Google
We are very pleased with the services Joe Perkins provided at our residence and would highly recommend both him and... read more
Bob S. Avatar
Bob S.
1/13/2024 - Google
Ryan, was great. Was early for the appointment, found the problem and got my water heater replaced quickly. Awesome Job!!
Britt L. Avatar
Britt L.
1/13/2024 - Google
The technician dealt with the issue professionally and solved the problem. The technician also gave me a lot of good... read more
Will Avatar
1/12/2024 - Google
Water heater replacement.. A+ for Ryan, Skylar, and Alex were all professional. I would highly recommend Steg . Great group... read more
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Bob N. Avatar
Bob N.
1/12/2024 - Google
Very professional, efficient, and polite.
Dena H. Avatar
Dena H.
1/12/2024 - Google
Ryan was awesome very professional and efficient. Highly recommend Steg Plumbing
J2 O. Avatar
J2 O.
1/11/2024 - Google
I am totally satisfied with the plumbing work, good job Mr. Joe Perkins, I appreciate your service. Good luck,... read more
Danielle S. Avatar
Danielle S.
1/11/2024 - Google
Ryan our technician was great! Very friendly and informative. He quickly took care of our issues. The staff from the... read more
Angie M. Avatar
Angie M.
1/09/2024 - Google
Very prompt, courteous service.
bob M. Avatar
bob M.
1/09/2024 - Google
Skyler was informative, kind, and helpful. They give a heads up up to their arrival time. What a great company.
Carli D. Avatar
Carli D.
12/27/2023 - Google
STEG rocks! We had a leaking pipe (later discovered it was two), and STEG was out here *fast* despite the... read more
Lawrence C. Avatar
Lawrence C.
12/27/2023 - Google
Ryan did a wonderful job for us. He was on time, very courteous and cleaned up the work area great.
William Avatar
12/22/2023 - Google
Water heater replacement.. A+ for Ryan, Skylar, and Alex were all professional. I would highly recommend Steg . Great group... read more
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Mike V. Avatar
Mike V.
12/21/2023 - Google
Steg responded quickly and professionally when I have a leak.. they were on time, professional, explained everything that they... read more
Alex B. Avatar
Alex B.
12/21/2023 - Google
Name of the guy who worked on my hot water heater was Ryan. He was quick and thorough about getting... read more
Chris G. Avatar
Chris G.
12/21/2023 - Google
Had a great plumbing visit today. We needed a bathroom faucet replaced that was leaking. The new one... read more
april c. Avatar
april c.
12/14/2023 - Google
Best experience! Our water heater died on a Saturday morning - ugh! Didn't want to pay emergency fees... read more
Becky L. Avatar
Becky L.
12/14/2023 - Google
Skylar annd Wes were awesome!!! They handled my two issues very efficiently and speedily. They were both more than willing... read more
Candy K. Avatar
Candy K.
12/07/2023 - Google
Very happy with our new walk-in shower. Install took just under 4 hours start to finish. Eric and... read more
Tom D. Avatar
Tom D.
12/07/2023 - Google
Ryan arrived on-time. Was very polite and professional. He listed to my description of the issue, he performed further investigation,... read more
Joseph K. Avatar
Joseph K.
12/07/2023 - Google
Replaced our outdated and barely functioning tub/shower unit with new walk-in shower. Super job! Would highly recommend.
Chris B. Avatar
Chris B.
11/28/2023 - Google
Ryan came out and was very professional, clean and timely with our repairs. He made sure to take care of... read more
Chad F. Avatar
Chad F.
11/28/2023 - Google
Steg plumbing with a 5 star rating due to speed of service and a 5 star rating to technician Alex... read more
Caylan Q. Avatar
Caylan Q.
7/03/2023 - Google
They have great employees and are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have only had to call during emergencies, but they... read more