Don't Cut Corners with Gas Line Repair

Gas Leaks are a serious hazard and should be left to the experts

Gas Line Installation & Repair in Indianapolis

Our Expert Technicians Can Handle Any Gas Line Repairs

Whether is natural gas or propane, work on gas lines should always be left to the professionals. Our team of plumbers in Indianapolis have been properly trained and licensed to work on your gas line repair or installation. At Steg Plumbing we take the safety of our customers and employees seriously. We also provide emergency plumbing or gas line repair services, 24/7.

If you have an issue with your gas line or need new gas lines installed, give us a call at (317) 456-2066 and we'll give you peace of mind.

Danger of a Damaged Gas Line

Gas lines can become corroded or damaged over time. Damage can happen from ground settling, tree roots growing into the lines, or someone digging without checking for underground utilities first. When this happens, our Indianapolis gas plumbers can either repair or replace the lines.

Don’t try to fix it yourself! Gas, either natural or propane, can be very unstable and accidents can happen. Please leave the heavy lifting for our Indianapolis plumbing service. If you smell gas in or around your home, please vacate the premises immediately and call your gas utility company. Then call Steg Plumbing anytime for immediate repairs and proper installation!

Are You In Need Of a New Gas Line?

Running Gas Lines Fast in Naptown

Remodeling? You may want to run a new gas line through your home or on your property. Our technicians can handle that, too! First, we will inspect your property to get an idea of where the line needs to go. Location of the line will depend on where the line needs to flow to, where it will be most accessible, and where existing buildings are. We will keep you informed on how the gas line will need to run in order to fit your home's design and to guide it from the meter into the house.

Some reasons you may want to run a new line onto your property are:

  • BBQ or Grill
  • Fire pit
  • Dryer
  • Fireplace
  • Stove

Proper Installation Is Absolutely Vital

For gas line repair and installation, our Indianapolis plumbing services can provide a team of plumbers you can trust. With over 24 years of experience, we know our way around propane and natural gas lines and appliances. We are owned by a family of women and are determined to gain your trust with a team of trusted and professional technicians.

Contact Steg Plumbing at (317) 456-2066 for more information on how we can service your gas line.

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